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Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset



sacring, duffett, petherton
stalbridge, haselbury, georgij
fifehead, winsford, cogan
daubeney, birinus, popham
froome, isham, muston
persey, rocke, cogges
rosewell, ilchester, lytchett
brewton, depd, beyng
fifehead, rawle, bladud
winsford, sulley, chilcott
tarent, eleutherius, chewton
gulson, ryves, duffet
lisle, urville, bruton
froome, harbord, tusday
isham, rolles, muston
tregonwell, jany, folke
highmore, ridout, rosewell
bachiler, drownd, sizar
swyre, druet, joane
cogan, bezant, vestm
haue, corff, seint
esqre, salkeld, stourton
chilcott, chilcot, cadbury
evercreech, fairwell, sawtell

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Places mentioned in this book

Yeovil - Page 260
In 1638 he purchased a farm and lands at Preston, near Yeovil, and he must have been a gentleman of good social position, as it was conveyed to Sir ...
more pages: 80 130 259
Taunton - Page 62
The oldest Directory of this County which I have ever seen was presented to the Subscribers of the Somerset County Gazette, Taunton, in 1840. ...
more pages: 33 226 227 342
Poole - Page 208
This is a long and broad stretch of heath and common land that reaches from beyond Poole to Christchurch and Ringwood. ...
more pages: 79 116 173
Exeter - Page 99
Arthur Bury is still preserved in the Board room of the Corporation of the poor in Exeter, to which spot it was removed from the old Workhouse, ...
more pages: 1 2 48
Bristol - Page 120
the county as well as for the Diocese the northern Deaneries, now a part of the Diocese of Gloucester and Bristol, have been included in the survey. ...
more pages: 35 107 271
Sutton - Page 256
yearly one pound of pepper in Sutton at the The aforesaid Nicholas doth also owe service Laid the King and shutting the park of C [Cantok] as ...
more pages: 196 255
Preston - Page 260
In 1638 he purchased a farm and lands at Preston, near Yeovil, and he must have been a gentleman of good social position, as it was conveyed to Sir ...
more pages: 139 198
Leicester - Page 186
ISHAM LONGDEN, MA, Shangton Rectory, Leicester. " This is to certifie No. 2. That George Richards ol George and Ann was Bom September the Seventh and ...
more pages: 34 223 254
Winsford - Page 335
Couenant and promise to and with the Minister Churchwardens overseeres of the poor and all other Inhabitants of the parrish of Winsford aforesaid. ...
more pages: 334
Oxford - Page 34
The suggestion came from an Oxford don and lecturer, who fancied such occurred in this part of the country. GW FLOYER, Stafford, Dorchester. ...
more pages: 128 152 176
Lambeth - Page 320
The will of John Rawley was proved at Lambeth in 1458, and as it is one of the earliest testamentary records of a member of this family, ...
more pages: xxv
Dublin - Page 326
and now resident in Ireland, a few years ago wrote to his bankers in Dublin with notes and cheques to the amount of ^760 and worded his note as ...
more pages: 23 219 223
Salisbury - Page 33
Thomas Bowyer, Vicar of Martock, who married a daughter of that famous divine, John Norris of Bemerton near Salisbury. ...
more pages: 25 295 i
Colchester - Page 86
may dismiss from our minds any idea that he was the Royalist Officer who was executed in such hot haste after the surrender of Colchester to Fairfax. ...
more pages: 85
Warrington - Page 74
David it seems clear that it hung in the belfry, and this was also the case at Warrington, where we read of " all the bells in the steeple except the ...
Birmingham - Page 234
Communicated by EA Fry, 172, Edmund St., Birmingham. Witnesseth that the said Thomas Ridout, John Fry and George Frampton in consideration of ^28 paid ...
more pages: 154 176 279
Bredy - Page 339
William Chilcott, of Bredy and Burton Bradstock, (will dated 1643, proved at PCC, 1650), left William and Robert, and in 1654, John Chilcott begs, ...
Northampton - Page 105
William Sharpe was born 4th day of June neare 6 A Clock at night in ye yeare 1690 before King William came to town, Northampton. ...
London - Page 322
From the foregoing particulars it will be seen that the Rolle family were connected with Devon, Dorset, and London ; but what degree of kinship there ...
more pages: 31 111 286
Cambridge - Page 286
As the testator bequeaths a substantial legacy to King's College, Cambridge, he was probably a member of that College. ...
more pages: 86 141 343
Boston, Mass - Page 160
It is privately printed in Boston, Mass. The Author has been at great pains to collect the various early forms of the name in the various counties of ...
more pages: iii v
Brighton - Page 306
which took place near Brighton, on Oct. isth of the same year, as detailed in a collection of narratives entitled The Boscobel Tracts, edited by J. ...
more pages: vi
Stafford - Page 28
Salt Library, Stafford, when he at once showed me a book, the title of which I transcribed and now send to .S1. &r DN of Q. It contained a picture, ...
more pages: 51
Philadelphia - Page 227
that place and settled with his family in Philadelphia, where he was returned to the Provincial Assembly and appointed a Justice of the County Courts. ...
more pages: 323
Fairfax - Page 86
may dismiss from our minds any idea that he was the Royalist Officer who was executed in such hot haste after the surrender of Colchester to Fairfax. ...
Rome - Page 75
and, I believe, the Jesuits, take their use from Rome, and neither of these orders can be regarded as following medieval English tradition. ...
more pages: 88 xxiv xxvi
New York - Page 259
Rufus King, North Broadway, Yonkers, Westchester County, New York, we are able to present our readers with an engraving of the coat of Richard King, ...
more pages: 125
Chichester - Page 206
Daniel Cimier, a shoemaker, by fourteen notorious smugglers, ti'ith the trials and execution of seven of the Moody Criminals, at Chichester, (?vr. ...
Edmonton - Page 128
Mary, the daughter of William Isham, (will No. i.,) married I'M ward Nowell, and settled at Edmonton (see I. iv. ...
more pages: 129
Paide - Page 22
Paide to the Mouster Master Paide vnto Peter Duffett for serving in the Tithing Costlett 1637. ffor two daies servinge in the tythinge Costlett ...
Cardiff - Page 307
One authority says that Sir Milo "gave name to the manor and parish of Cogan near Cardiff," (Limbus Patrum Morganite et Glamorgania, by GT Clark Lond. ...
St. Augustine - Page 327
Saviour, Mary the Virgin, and Bridget of Syon,of the order of St. Augustine, of St. Saviour called, to hold two fairs annually in the town of Yevill, ...
Dover - Page 149
Roberts, who was at one time Mayor of Lyme Regis, died at Dover on May 27th, 1860, and that a list of his most important works was given in the ...
Cheltenham - Page 141
Mary King died at Cheltenham, 7 Jany., 1857, aged 90 years, and was buried in S. Mary's Cemetery there, leaving an only child, ...
Seville - Page 151
At Seville, it is customary on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, and of Corpus Christi, for the choir boys in the cathedral to dance during the ...
Algiers - Page 143
took the Protestation 14 July, 1641, and on 25 Jany., 1641-2, was one of the Committee appointed for the relief of the Captives in Algiers. ...
Paris - Page 41
He next went to Paris, where the King, Clothair II, wanted a seat or throne made of precious metal ; he confided the task to Eligius, ...
Madras - Page 139
He died at Madras, 17 Novr., 1804, aged 20. ii. PENELOPE KING, born and baptised 27 June, and buried 9 Nov., 1779, at Folke. ...
more pages: v
Norwich - Page 41
Eligius is also represented on the Rood-screen of Hemp- stead Church, near Norwich. A short account of the Wincanton relief, by the late Rev. ...
Hampton, NH - Page 274
Stephen Bachiler on the ship " William and Francis," and in 1638 the family settled in Hampton, NH, where Mr. Bachiler was the first pastor. ...
Kollo - Page 316
Kollo. Name of Deceased. Parish. 63 Barnes, Thomas Bradford 52 Boudich, George Chardstock 83 Cartwright, Joan, Sherborne ...
Gloucester - Page 162
A water-course was also probably so called ; this seems to explain the name of an ancient church in Gloucester, viz., St. ...
Corpus Christi - Page 151
At Seville, it is customary on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, and of Corpus Christi, for the choir boys in the cathedral to dance during the ...
Grimsby - Page 23
Reparyinge of the Haven of Shippinge. Losses by fire at East Hendred, Berks .. 6. at the Burrow of greate Grimsby .. 6.
Harwich - Page 73
(See Notes on Harwich and its Church, by J. Batten, FSA) Horsham Vicarage, Sussex. The will of Rachel Perne is curious. ...
Flushing - Page 274
The first record of his daughter Anne is in 1631, when she was granted leave to go to Flushing " xxv Junii 1631, Ann Sandburn, age 30 years, ...
Luxembourg - Page 151
of his remarks with the only two examples where the practice of dancing in churches has survived —those of Seville and Echternach in Luxembourg. ...
Peterborough - Page 25
27 ; the writer speaks of the custom as having existed at Southwell 30 years ago, and at Peterborough about the years 1847-48. ...
Bournemouth - Page v
Lord, Portman Lodge, Bournemouth. Portman, EWB, Esq., Durweston, Blandford. Poynton, Rev. FJ, Kelston Rectory. Bath. Prankerd, ;' , Esq. ...
Plymouth - Page 323
Sailing from Plymouth in the ship Desire, they landed at Philadelphia in the province of Penn-sylvania on June Z3rd, 1686. ...
more pages: v
Canterbury - Page 191
204, is of course the Domi-nican Abp. of Canterbury consecrated by Bp. Button II. of It.itli and Wells in 1273. 224 THE CHURCH OF ALL SAINTS, ...
Oldham - Page 115
There is now living, says the Sporting Magatine, of May, 1797, p- 80, within a few miles of Oldham in Lancashire, a family consisting of a ...
Windsor - Page 25
Paul's, West-minster Abbey, Lichfield, and Windsor. There is a short but interesting article on the subject in Chambers' Journal for Jan. ...
Chippenham - Page i
WT, Dyrham Rectory, Chippenham. Boger, Mrs., St. Saviour's Grammar School, Southwark Bridge, London. Bond, EA, Esq., 64, Prince's Square, Bayswater, ...
Hertford - Page 171
The Helfora river, near Helston, is HeyKorA or Hertford, and has no connexion with the ' Hel ' of the town, but is, or was once, a shallow estuary. ...
Weston-Super-Mare - Page i
Baker, EE, Esq., Queen's Road, Weston-Super-Mare. Baker, Rev. SO, Muchelney Vicarage, Langport. Baker, John C., Esq., Bay House, Ilminster. ...
Chelsea, Mass - Page v
JF, 63, Washington Avenue, Chelsea, Mass., USA Ravenh-11, Rev. Canon, Buckland Newton Vicarage, Dorchester. Ravenhill, WW, Esq., 60, Temple. ...
Newport - Page 14
99 Fathers, Giles brother, of Newport ton, gent., creditor Lye, parish of Margery, relict 4 Oct., 1613 fforde 125 Flambord, John Rampishan Halstock ...
Bridgeport, Conn - Page ii
Deacon, Edw., Esq., PO Box 1712, Bridgeport, Conn., USA Dickinson, EH, Esq., Chapmanslade, Westbury, Wilts. Digby, Col. the Hon. ...
Nottingham - Page ii
E., 12, Lime Grove, Long Eaton, Nottingham. Cornish, Rev. Canon, Redcliffe Vicarage, Bristol. Compton, T., Esq., Winscombe, Weston-super-Mare. ...
Munich - Page iii
Helyar, HA, Esq., British Legation, Munich. Henning, Rev. GS, Long Sutton Vicarage, Langport. Henning, Lt.-Gen. S., CB, Frome Whitficld House, ...
Southampton - Page iii
Greenfield, BW, Esq., 4, Cranbury Terrace, Southampton. Griffith, FG, Esq., Llansannor House, Cowbridge, Glam. Groves, TB, Esq., Weymoutb. ...
Christchurch - Page 206
Aldhelm's Head, the North side of Purbeck, and along the shores of Dorset and Hants to Christchurch. Along this line of coast accomplices were always ...
more pages: 208
Comon - Page 20
120 "quarrels" of glass were inserted in the windows, which must have been sadly out of repair, " a new Comon prayer booke " was procured at the cost ...
Wellington - Page 226
62, says that in the iviun of Edward II. a writ was issued (for the return of a Burgess .,' Parliament) to the borough of Wellington. ...
more pages: 1
Cranbourne - Page 271
UEL SAYWELL, of Pendridge (Pentridge), Dorset, son of Gabriel S., clerk : bred at Cranbourne, admitted sizar, s April, aet. ...
Melbourne - Page 343
Cassell & Company, Limited, London, Paris and Melbourne. 1893. Pp- yi- [*!• 24°- Demy 8vo. Price 10/6. As might have been expected from one so devoted ...